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AMEO in Paris: Ecotox students test potential endocrine distruptors

For the “Applied Module at External Organizations” (AMEO), Ecotox students complete an eight-week internship at an external university, governmental or industrial research institute. In this post, Manuel Ayala-Velázquez reports on his internship at the Université Pierre et Marie-Curie (UPMC), now Sorbonne Université.

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Internship at Mesocosm GmbH: A new ring test for macrophytes

The Applied Module at External Organizations (AMEO) is an 8-week internship taking place during the 2nd semester of the MSc Ecotoxicology program. Teresa and Harshada completed their AMEO at Mesocosm GmbH, a company that is specialized in higher-tier and non-standard tests. In this post, they report on their experience in conducting a macrophyte ring test.

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Internship at the European Food Safety Authority

As you might know from previous posts of this blog, students of the Ecotoxicology Master’s Program spent the last summer term in internships at external organisations such as industrial companies, universities, research facilities or authorities. This time, student blogger Lara reports on her experience with the AMEO module at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma, Italy.

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42 days set-up, 42 days mesocosm study

Large-scale experiments give us a more realistic idea of pesticide toxicity than single-species tests. Mesocosm studies for example simulate natural ecosystems and can include several trophic levels, which help us to detect both direct and indirect pesticide effects. However, large scale means large workload. In the scope of my master thesis I set up and performed a mesocosm experiment at the National Wildlife Research Center in Ottawa, Canada. Follow me through my 10 steps of set-up.

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AMEO 2016 Part II: AhR mediated Toxicity of PFOS and other POPs in cell cultures @ Örebro University

To get some practical work experience, the students of MSc. Ecotoxicology have to perform an eight-week internship at an institute/organization of their choice, named AMOE. In this post, I will give you an inside view of my research work at the University of Örebro (Sweden). Continue reading