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Plants and invertebrates face increasing applied pesticide toxicity

Increased efficacy of pesticides comes along with decreased applied amounts in agriculture – but does this translate to lower risks to non-target species? The answer is NO, if you ask scientists at the University of Koblenz-Landau who recently published a study in Science assessing changes in the use of 381 pesticides and toxicity to eight non-target species groups over the course of 25 years. In our blog, the authors explain the shifts in applied pesticide toxicity they found, and which species are increasingly at risk.

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Modeling Environmental Threshold Levels

In this post, Lara Petschick talks about the recent publication “Modeling Regulatory Threshold Levels for Pesticides in Surface Waters from Effect Databases”, which explains how existing ecotoxicological effect databases can be used to generate high-quality effect thresholds for large-scale environmental risk assessments.

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What’s driving insecticide pollution in agricultural surface waters?

In this post, Jakob Wolfram talks about his most recent paper “Insecticide Risks in United States Surface Waters: Drivers and Spatiotemporal Modeling”. This publication analyzed the drivers of insecticide nonpoint source pollution and used a modelling approach to identify regions in the U.S. where surface waters may be at risk.

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