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I spy with my little eye

In this post, Alexander Feckler talks about his recently published paper “Quantitative real-time PCR as a promising tool for the detection and quantification of leaf-associated fungal species – A proof-of-concept using Alatospora pulchella”.

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What goes around comes around – feces in aquatic ecosystems

In this post, Mirco Bundschuh talks about their recently published paper “An ecological and ecotoxicological perspective on fine particulate organic matter in streams”. Continue reading

Poster on systemic fungicides’ effects on aquatic leaf litter breakdown presented at SETAC Europe Barcelona 2015

In this post, our student blogger Kym shares her poster “Systemic Fungicides Can Alter the Quality of Plant Material for Aquatic Shredders” that she presented during this year’s SETAC Europe Meeting. Continue reading

EU fungicide risk assessment not sufficiently protective for key drivers in leaf litter breakdown

In this post, we talk about two recently published papers dealing with the effects of fungicides on aquatic fungi that are key drivers in ecosystem functioning. Continue reading