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Impact of fungicides on amphibian development & metamorphosis

In this post, Mirco Bundschuh and Carsten Brühl talk about a recent publication assessing the impact of fungicide-induced changes in food quality on the development and metamorphoses of the European common frog (Rana temopraria). This work is published open access in Ecology and Evolution. Relevant data is made available to the research community through dryad.

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Amphibians are at risk from pesticides in agricultural landscapes

In this post, Christoph Leeb and Elena Adams summarize three new papers on the effects of pesticides on amphibians, which will inform ongoing developments of pesticide testing and environmental risk assessment strategies in the European Union.

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Recent paper published on Amphibian population genetics in agricultural landscapes

In this post, Kathrin Theissinger and Carsten Brühl inform about their recent paper “Amphibian population genetics in agricultural landscapes: does viniculture drive the population structuring of the European common frog (Rana temporaria)?”.

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What are you working on? Part III: Team “Conservation Genetics”

In this new series of posts, research teams/groups of Landau’s Institute of Environmental Sciences introduce their Ecotoxicology-related research. This time: the group “Conservation Genetics”. Continue reading