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Can plastic mulching mitigate fungicide effects on soil?

In this post, Maximilian Meyer reports on his recently published paper “Agricultural mulching and fungicides—impacts on fungal biomass, mycotoxin occurrence, and soil organic matter decomposition”. The research question was – “Does plastic mulching mitigate fungicide effects in soils?”

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Pesticides rarely come alone

In their latest publication, scientists from the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research quantified the relevance of pesticide mixtures using monitoring data from pesticide application schemes and Germany-wide stream samplings. The research concluded that environmental risk assessment of pesticides requires refinements.

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Vaccine Myth-Buster: Review cleans up with prejudices and dangerous misinformation

In this post, Paul Löffler, student in the MSc Ecotoxicology program at University of Koblenz-Landau, provides some background on the review paper on vaccine myths that he published in Frontiers in Immunology – Vaccines and Molecular Therapeutics.

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