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MAGIC Research Project – Programming towards risk assessment

Environmental risk assessment only goes as far as data availability allows it. In this post, ecotoxicology student Larissa Herrmann shares her research project in the MAGIC working group at Uni Koblenz-Landau. She gained insight into programming in Python and R with the goal to make ecotoxicological data readily available for meta-analyses and risk assessments. Ultimately, a tool is developed that is applicable to a broad spectrum of pesticide registration reports.

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AMEO in Paris: Ecotox students test potential endocrine distruptors

For the “Applied Module at External Organizations” (AMEO), Ecotox students complete an eight-week internship at an external university, governmental or industrial research institute. In this post, Manuel Ayala-Velázquez reports on his internship at the Université Pierre et Marie-Curie (UPMC), now Sorbonne Université.

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Young Water Researchers’ Symposium on November 24th

RWTH Aachen University is hosting the first Annual Young Water Researchers’ Symposium for PhD and advanced master’s students on November 24th, 2017. The one-day meeting aims at connecting young researchers and professionals in the area of water-related research.

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Internship at Mesocosm GmbH: A new ring test for macrophytes

The Applied Module at External Organizations (AMEO) is an 8-week internship taking place during the 2nd semester of the MSc Ecotoxicology program. Teresa and Harshada completed their AMEO at Mesocosm GmbH, a company that is specialized in higher-tier and non-standard tests. In this post, they report on their experience in conducting a macrophyte ring test.

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International Exhibition Extended! Opening on 5th July!

International Exhibition Opening, December 2016

Last semester the Welcome Center Landau and the University Shop organised an exhibition under the title “University of Koblenz-Landau Goes International”. With this international exhibition we wanted to portray students from abroad, who joined us and contribute to the diverse community of our university. All of them have become active members of our international student body. They commit themselves to supporting their fellow students or show how they made their way to Landau and have faced the challenges of daily life in a foreign country. Now we are extending our exhibition! Continue reading