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International Tips for Moving to Germany: Renting, Banking and “Handy’s”

Student blogger Kym provides international students that are moving to Germany to participate in Master’s of Ecotoxicology in Landau with a few things that might make the transition easier.

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6th Annual SETAC YES Meeting II – Presentations, Panels and Pub Crawls

Last post, Kym reported on the first day of the SETAC YES Meeting (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry’s Young Environmental Scientists Meeting); the second and third days of the meeting consisted inter alia of the student platform and poster presentations. Continue reading

6th Annual SETAC YES Meeting I – Insects and Teaching

In this post, student blogger Kym reports about their visit to the YES Meeting.
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Fundraising for student trips to SETAC

In this post, Kym reports about their bake sale as a fundraiser for their trips to the SETAC Europe AM.

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Christmas in Germany, Weihnachten?!

In this post, student blogger Kym shares her experiences gathered on German christmas markets. Continue reading

Summer Academy 2015 is over – a review

On the last weekend, the Summer Academy ended. In this post, we want to share some experiences and insights.
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Summer Academy 2015 #1

Well our International Summer Academy on Spatial Ecotoxicology and Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment has started off with a bang!  Continue reading

SETAC Barcelona 2015!

¡Hola! A few weeks ago, I presented a poster of my research project results at the 25th annual SETAC conference. Continue reading

Hola Guapos!

Hi guys! My name is Kym and I am a second year Ecotox Master’s student here at the University Koblenz-Landau. I will be giving you little tidbits of info about the Master’s program as we go along.  Continue reading