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How can we predict the effect of multiple stressors?

In this post, Ralf Schäfer reports on their recently published paper “Advancing understanding and prediction in multiple stressor research through a mechanistic basis for null models”.

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3 PhD/Postdoc positions on biodiversity modelling at HU Berlin

The Geography Department at Humboldt University of Berlin is looking to fill two PhD and one Postdoc position on avian biodiversity modelling and global change ecology. Continue reading

Chironomid DNA metabarcoding in Bti-treated wetlands

In this post, Kathrin Theissinger talks about their recently published paper “Using DNA metabarcoding for assessing chironomid diversity and community change in mosquito controlled temporary wetlands”.

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Projects & theses on effects of fungicide contamination

With great wine comes great responsibility! Therefore, the working group “Quantitative Landscape Ecology” offers several projects/theses in a DFG-funded field study analysing effects of fungicide contamination on fungal communities and microbial leaf decomposition.

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RPC opportunity on amphibians & pesticides

We offer a Research Project Course (RPC) on amphibians and pesticides as part of the project “Amphibians in agricultural landscapes: chemical landscape fragmentation implemented in a habitat modelling approach”.

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Research opportunity in river catchment ecology for MSc students

We offer a research opportunity for master students focusing on the analysis of aquatic food webs and ecosystem processes to characterize the current ecological state of the Maroccan Draa river catchment.

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BECT 100th Volume Special Issue – Free access

In this post, we briefly highlight the 100th Volume Special Issue of the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (BECT), which is freely accessible until 23 March 2018.

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3 open positions in limnology at the Institute for Alpine Environment

The Institute for Alpine Environment is looking for three researchers in the field of limnology for sampling and classification of macroinvertebrates in Tyrol. Continue reading

Postdoc position on pest control at Uni of Coimbra

The Centre for Functional Ecology at University of Coimbra in Portugal is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to assess predator-pest interactions in olive groves to validate an integrated model of territorial management with the aim to optimize the natural pest control service.

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BSc thesis / RPC opportunity on nanoparticles

We are offering a Bachelor thesis or Research Project Course (RPC) on the topic “Testing nanoparticle effects in aquatic ecosystems – a feasibility study”.

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